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Belen Rodriguez Super Fashion Italian model full sex tape

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María Belén Rodríguez Cozzani (Spanish pronunciation: [maˈɾi.a βeˈlen roðˈɾiɣes koˈsani]) (born 20 September 1984) is an Argentinetelevision personality, actress and model who lives and works in Italy. She is known by the name of Belén Rodríguez or as Belénand has presented many variety shows.
In 2009 and 2010, she has appeared in television commercials alongside actor Christian De Sica advertising a popular mobile phonenetwork operating company. She made her acting debut as the female protagonist in the Italian film Natale in Sudafrica in December 2010. In 2011, she was a co-presenter of the annual televised Italian singing contest, the Sanremo Music Festival. The following year, she substituted as co-presenter for the first two nights of the festival.
Here is the purported Belen Rodriguez sex tape leaked to the web which has now left Italy in a sex crazed frenzy… And we can confirm that the female seen in this video is in fact Belen Rodriguez, the hot 27-year-old Argentinean showgirl turn model who moved to Italy a few years ago to become a famous TV personality. Forget the Euro Zone’s sovereign debt crisis which is endangering the world economy, this sex video of Belen Rodriguez is now the hottest topic these days in Italy. But according to Italian media, those in Italy who are sharing the video online may go to jail. The publication of the sex tape is a crime in the country because it involves a video that was made in a private home and was not meant for mass consumption but has now been leaked. And Belen has said she is being raped of her privacy with the unauthorized release of this video.

Belen Rodriguez leaked sex tape maybe sexually the hottest celebrity sex video ever… The video, in fact, had been around for a long time and it seemed it could have been used to blackmail the showgirl Argentina according to those close to her. Belen is said to be not at all pleased by the recent leak of the video. Most Italians are convinced this video is a Belen Rodriguez self-leaked work shot by her ex-boyfriend. But her friends are denying that she is behind the leaking of the video… And they report Belen Rodriguez felt raped when she found out the sex video was leaked to the Internet. Belen has dated (fucked) many rich and famous Italian men in recent years from athletes to actors. So she is a very outgoing girl but she claims she has nothing to do with the release of her sex tape.
And she is currently dating a famous Italian photographer but he is not suspected to be the man in this sex video. Some say the man with her in this video is a soccer player (footballer) from a top Milan football club. We know this tape is a few years old because in the video Belen Rodriguez are missing her current tattoos. She is in her early 20s in the video which was leaked under the title “Tutti lo vogliono” Italian for “everyone wants it” and of course we want it. However the big question is why was it leaked now? Belen’s reps are pushing the blackmail story so the leakers might have wanted more money but Belen refused.

The Italian opinion, of course, is split in half: there are those who defend the showgirl, because they say her privacy was flatly violated on the Web, accessible to all, without her ever given consent. Others think she is taking advantage of the coverage and some even think that this is a ploy to gain visibility and fame… but I am not sure that someone like Belen Rodriguez needed a sex tape to become more famous than what she already is. I have been admiring her tight little ass in her thong bikinis for years so she was already know on the GutterUncensored.com. But now we get to see her fuck and suck and putting her body body to work. Enjoy! Click on pictures to enlarge.



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